Looking to take your painting process to the next level? 


The secret is... the elements of art.

They are the secret to developing a reliable painting process. In my all inclusive course, Essential Elements, I dive into each one individually and show you how each one can guide you in your painting process and teach you the skills to improve your art and confidently paint on your own.


  • Line

  • Shape

  • Value

  • Color

  • Space

  • Texture

  • Form


Yes, I want to know how to use the elements!

What students have said...

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If you're a hobby artist, you already know that painting often, or better yet, every day, will improve your art, but without knowing the basic art skills necessary you can waste loads of paint and canvases in the process.


Let me show you the way.


Digging into Essential Elements will really help you to feel how all the elements work together to help your process and help you see more clearly and ultimately paint more confidently. 


You'll Get...

Here's What's Inside ...

Each chapter follows a similar format, where I show you the element in photos. Then I discuss how other artists use the element in their work and finally I show you how I use the element and what I've learned about it. It has a nice flow of information. Some chapters like line and shape are quick and simple and some more complex like color and value.

The Investment



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More ah-ha moments where you just "get" it.

Essential Elements will drill down into the basics and create more ah-ha moments where the pieces come together and you see more clearly. And if you can see it, you can paint it!


I'm ready to join!