Do you want to paint a

'Loose Rooster'?



What is the 'Loose Rooster'

Painting Class?


This pre-recorded painting class is where I share my process for painting this rooster in a loose and impressionistic way. 


If you've ever thought..

> I paint too tightly
> I overwork a painting
> I don’t know where to start
> I don’t have a process to follow throughout the painting


then this class is for you. 

I invite you to join me! 

Gain critical skills to help you paint looser, with a clear plan of action.




By the end of the class you will have:


*  Learned skills to paint more loosely

*  Experienced a painting process you can use to paint confidently on your own

* Experienced what it’s like to learn from Kathleen and identify if In The Studio With Kathleen is a fit for you



How the Painting Class works:

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Whenever you are ready you can watch through the class and paint along with me in real time.

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Yes, I want to paint a Loose Rooster!



Hi I’m Kathleen.

I was a hobby artist for 25 years before I became a professional artist. In the last 10 years I became an elementary school art teacher, started showing my work at art shows, began teaching workshops nationally, opened my own studio/gallery on Santa Rosa Beach Florida, started licensing my artwork ... and have won some very cool awards!

Drawing on my own experience as a hobby artist for many years and a wealth of personal experience allows me to help artists who want to take their skills to the next level. My passion for guiding students towards discovering their own distinct painting style is matched only by my unwavering commitment to igniting the creative spark that fuels their love for art.


 Student Testimonials

My work looks so much better with her feedback

I have learned so much from "In the studio with Kathleen", and love the support and feedback I receive. Kathleen is amazing in her critiques and my work looks so much better with her feedback. Our facebook group is a nice addition, where members can ask questions, post their progress and receive comments from other members. I am so happy I found Kathleen and 30A CHROMA.

- Sherry

You are able to communicate so effectively

I can’t thank you enough for all the thought and effort you put into your instructional videos. I watch them over and over, and, with each viewing I gain more insight of and appreciation for “the process.” I love, love, love how you are able to communicate so effectively exactly what you are thinking during the creative process and how you assess the status (for lack of a better word) of your painting and adjust how you go about your work to achieve the result you visualize. It’s truly a unique gift!


Kathleen’s classes are the absolute best in online experiences

This is an enriching collaborative experience. Kathleen’s classes are the absolute best in online experiences! I don’t know how Kathleen does it, I am taking classes often and there is nothing that compares to her student connectivity and the quality of the instruction.

- Sue

You inspire me to become a better painter.

Fantastic class! Kathleen, you are a wonderful teacher. You inspire me to learn and become a better painter. Thank you for your class and all the tips and information you give us!

- Patti

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Yes! I want to paint a loose rooster!