Will My Reference Photo Fit on My Canvas?  

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Ever wondered if the reference photo you're painting from will transfer proportionately onto the canvas you have? 


When I’m painting from a reference photo I always paint from my computer and I always print out the reference photo in black & white.. I use it to draw in the initial lines and shapes at the start of my painting and to check the values while I’m painting.

But how do I know if the photo I’ve printed out will transfer proportionately onto the canvas I have? If my reference photo is a square, that’s easy. Any square canvas will do. If the photo is rectangular it gets a bit trickier.

In this video and guide I will show you the technique I use to make sure that my reference photo always fits my canvas to scale.

Hi, I'm Kathleen, artist and educator.  I'm known for my colorful paintings of 30a coastal dune lakes, florals and even some plucky animals. I'm passionate about sharing the knowledge I've learned as an artist for the last 35 years so that you can become a better artist too!