A Coastal Dune Lake Story - Allen Lake

Jul 30, 2021

This week in "The Coastal Dune Lake Collection Stories" I'm featuring Allen Lake in Dune Allen, FL.  

I drive down County Highway 30a on my way to my studio, CHROMA, every day, and I always remind myself to look carefully and not become too accustomed to the beauty.  On a foggy morning in March 2020, I was looking carefully and not seeing much. I drove past Allen Lake. It too was in fog, but a lovely tree stand in the middle of the lake stood out.  I thought for a minute and turned the car around, stopped at Stinky’s Fish Camp, and took some photos of the lake.  Later in the studio, I looked back at the photos and cropped one that looked promising. It wasn’t dramatic but there was something about it.  Could I translate this beautiful foggy feeling into a painting?   I saw it.  And so it came to be in coastal dune lakes collection.