A Coastal Dune Lake Story - Lake Powell

Jul 11, 2021

The Coastal Dune Lake Collection is the result of a 2 1/2  year labor of love. My goal was to visit each of 15, rare coastal dune lakes of Walton County looking for painting inspiration. I'm thrilled to finally offer this collection of paintings to you online on August 12th.

Coastal dune lakes are lakes that are in very close proximity to a body of water.  The cool thing about these lakes is that when the water level rises, the water travels towards the beach, meandering through the sand dunes and eventually breaches into the beach water. In Walton County, the clear, turquoise water from the gulf mixes with the tea color water from the lake and voila’, gorgeousness!

Lake Powell is the largest of the coastal dune lakes. It is most accessible at Camp Helen State Park and that is where I visited in March 2018.  It was a lovely spring day when I went painting with the Emerald Coast Plein Air Painters. My on-location painting from that day was the inspiration for the 2 larger, more abstract paintings that followed. This painting is one of them and is the largest in the collection.  "Watershed", 48" x 60", oil on canvas $5200.