a love affair

Jan 22, 2022

"Mrs. Moo" & "Mrs. Blue" were painted in 2017. I had the references photos in mind all week but one night I went to sleep and dreamed I was painting them. When I awoke and vividly remembered all the colors, I ran to the studio and it all poured out.

“Things are not done beautifully.
The beauty is an integral part of their being done.”
Robert Henri

When I read this quote, I thought, "Yes! I knew it was the process!" You know I love a good process. I've got a pre-painting process as well as a painting process I use to help me stay inspired and technically sound.

When someone looks at one of my paintings they may see the subject, the colors, how I created shapes and forms. But, if I’ve done a good job, the beauty happens in the mind of the viewer. What memory has been recalled? What delight that has been sparked?

The process of painting is a love affair. This artist conveys the beauty, wonder, joy, delight, or love of their subject to the world through their technical skills and knowledge. What takes place from the inspiration through completed painting is key to a heartfelt artistic expression.

Having a good painting process helps in being thoughtful and productive on a daily basis and makes it easier to act quickly when big inspiration hits. During those rare ethereal moments, it bubbles out of your being. It usually cannot be dismissed and picked up at will. I’ve had times where I’ve run in the door of my studio in an effort to quickly get what bubbles out onto the canvas. What comes out is sometimes magic.