The Coastal Dune Lake Collection -Oyster Lake

Aug 10, 2021

I drive on County Highway 30a every day on my way to my studio so I drive right by one of the coastal dune lakes, Oyster Lake.

It’s a large lake with beautiful homes on the east side. Its outfall meanders along under a bridge and most days, almost connects with the gulf. I always get excited when it actually does connect and its tea colored water mixes beautifully with the turquoise gulf.

I thought for sure that would be my inspiration for an Oyster Lake painting, but no. It happened recently, while driving home, after a storm. The water was so clear, so calm and brilliantly turquoise. The sky was dark and moody. The sand was shining white from the sun trying to peak out. THIS was my painting. I let it marinate in my head all night and the next day it poured out on my canvas.