Which one to choose?

Nov 03, 2022

I was having a cup of tea in the my kitchen this week and realized it was THAT time of the morning….when the east light finds its way through the north-facing windows and throws that great slanty light across the floor, catching appreciative plant leaves in its path.

Quick!  I grabbed my vase of white peonies, placed them on the runway of light on the floor, hunkered down and started taking potential painting reference shots.

Which one would be best to paint? To make that question easier, I turned them all into black and white versions. Which one has the best shadow and light shapes?  Which composition speaks to me?

At first glance:

#1 This one has great blossums.(watch out to make them 2 different shapes. They are too similar now). Lots of lights shapes in blossoms and leaves. Good dark inner shadows. Vase mostly light. Composition feel a little heavy on top with the 2 big similar blossom shapes

#2 Blossums mostly in shadow except back right. Vase has good shadow shape. Composition doesn't feel right.

#3 Good shadow and light shapes in the blossums. Good light and shadow shapes in the leaves and vase. Overall composition good except one thing - the bud right in the middle of the good shadow shape. The bud feels like is right in the middle of the photo. (although its not) It draws my eye.

#4 Interesting little light shapes on just a couple blossoms. Distinct shadow and light shapes in the leaves. Interesting shadow/light shapes on the vase. Does not feel balanced compositionally.

OK. I've chosen. What do you think?